Eco Futures

Veneration performance video excerpt.

An intersectional performance that doubles as an immersive ritual to catharsize minorities feeling of powerlessness in the face of ecocide. 

QR Codex

These sigils were created and blessed by a community of spiritual practitioners of various faiths to protect protesters fighting for their right to be heard. Print them off to use as symbolic shields, bless them, donate and distribute.

The idea behind the sigils is a marriage between traditional occult belief of a sigil or symbol holding powerful protection magic through human intent and the transhumanist thought experiment of “The Ghost in the Machine” and that by creating digital circuits that adhere to the rules of physics we also map them to the schemata of our minds, therefore a digital circuitboard can be a sigil of intention and hold the same weight as the traditional drawn sigil In occult practice. 

When people scan the QR codes they are not only transferring their intent or spell to protect the aforementioned communities but also through the act of the phone scanning the QR code and charging the pathway with electricity this brings literal power to the sigil and creates not just spiritual ripples that can heal the vulnerable communities but also actionable help through the monetary donations. 

The QR codes in-bedded in these sigils take you to a donation portal related to the symbol’s meaning; the intention is that as well as becoming charged from global spiritual energy through blessings the sigil is also a “digital portal” to practical influence on the movements, thus increasing its overall power.

We ask practitioners of all faiths and abilities to join us in charging these sigils, donate to the causes and share in both the digital and physical world.

Spiritual intention is more powerful when we take action.

Donate here: 







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Black box

An exploration in capturing visual signals through light. 

Utilising a VR headset to induce visions through a method referred to as the “Ganzfield effect” I then used light to captured through a long exposure camera the shamanic visions I had. The entire performance was held inside a black box to reflect the “black box“ analogy, which pertains to express the process of information going into (input) a complex system (usually an A.I/A.N.N) and then the system mysteriously sorting the input and spitting out the processed answer (output) but with no one knowing how the machine did it due to its complexity.

The organic and physical process of reality is far more complex than our current computer simulations; therefore me performing an organic process in the box is the input and then “the box” translates the experience to digital photos that are fed to the screen for the audience to witness its internal processes which is the box’s output.

Therefore my organic brain will be processing a digital “psychoactive“ input, that I will express organically with my body movements that then will be translated by a digital camera and screen to the organic observers; the audience. This creates a sandwich like organic-digital information processor that marries the two in a symbol of singularity synergy.

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